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A good profile picture helps anyone who sees it know what you’re all about. So, you want to make sure that people can get the right impression. Most profile pictures aren’t too big, so you want something that is recognizable at a small scale.

To understand the concept behind the bizarre-looking characters used for social status, delving into the meanings behind PFP NFTs is vital. Social media profile pics are one of the most popular ways to display NFT ownership. If you’d like to view, download, or grab the profile picture icon or banner of a Discord server instead of a user, you can use this tool we built. You can simply input any Discord server invite link and it will show you the profile picture and much more information. Another good option for your background removal needs is Slazzer.com. Pictures for TikTok profile can lose their backgrounds when you use this free online tool.

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If you notice any errors with the output of the tool or would like to suggest some improvements, we’d love to hear it. Just press the “Contact us” button in the footer below and drop us a message! If you’re on mobile, simply press what is genstake down on the Discord account you want to copy the ID for, then press the 3 dots and finally press the “Copy ID” button. Once Developer mode is enabled, on PC you can right-click any Discord profile and copy their User ID.

Fotor’s Discord profile pic maker provides a standard size for you. Fotor’s profile picture maker offers a powerful suite of touch-up tools to help bring out the best in your photos. From smoothing skin to whitening teeth, removing blemishes and more, you’ll find all the photo editing tools you need to create the perfect look for your profile picture.

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Anyone with basic computer skills will have no trouble using the tool without directions. If you don’t mind updating your business TikTok PFP regularly, you can get in a pattern of updating this image often based on the time of year or what’s going on in your business. Since profile pics for TikTok are easy to make and only take a moment to change, this is a pretty simple way to customize your account. For instance, you could create some kind of special image when you are having a big sale, or you could add a new profile for the holiday season. The possibilities are limitless here, but you’ll want to keep up with it so you don’t allow the PFP to fall out of date. One idea is to have a default PFP that you use as your go-to option, and you then replace that PFP with an occasion-based image from time to time.

As with some of the other tools we have featured, you have the option to upgrade to a premium plan if you need to use the tool regularly. There are plenty of profile pics for TikTok that are loaded with an anime theme. It could be a known anime character or a custom drawing in an anime style.

What can PFP NFTs be used for?

When picking your TikTok PFP, there is one word you should keep in mind throughout the process – branding. If you are working on a new profile pic for TikTok, you’ll be trying to think creatively about something that is original, interesting, and appropriate for your channel. At the same time, you need to consider practical concerns like size and resolution. After all, you want your TikTok profile picture full size when it appears, so you avoid any weird cropping issues. Now you can do it in seconds with Fotor’s AI background remover!

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With new and exciting virtual and real-world expansions happening on a near-monthly basis, the initial CloneX collection continues to gain popularity with both new and seasoned NFT collectors. CloneX is a joint venture between metaverse fashion house RTFKT and renowned multimedia artist Takashi Murakami. Featuring a wide variety of 3D NFTs, the CloneX collection has kept the collective NFT community on its toes with announcements about numerous Nike integrations.

Why can’t app remove my background properly?

Although the Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis trippy PFP collection features nearly 10,000 NFTs, the project consists of various unique collections. Invisible Friends is an animated PFP collection created by multidisciplinary https://cryptolisting.org/ artist Markus Magnusson in collaboration with the increasingly popular Random Characters Collective. These NFTs are far from invisible, though, and have remained a major success story of a PFP collection meeting its hype.

  • Your profile picture is the first thing most people see about you online, so it’s important to make a good impression.
  • This method has allowed countless artists and developers to launch original and derivative collections, all in the image of the original PFP project, CryptoPunks.
  • This gives your profile a clean look and can help the profile itself blend right into the content.
  • You also don’t want the background to overshadow whatever’s the focus of your profile picture.
  • The whole process is 100% automatic – saving tons of time and effort.

For a simple tool that can edit PFP for TikTok almost immediately, Remove.bg is a good place to start. Not only is this a free tool, but it does the job of removing a background from your image automatically. This is the starting point, as it will take you into the profile section of your account, where you’ll be able to make the necessary changes. Initially, Forgotten Runes gained notoriety via its innovative RPG-inspired concept and unique, animated minting process. Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult is regarded by many as the most well-crafted and well-run fantasy-themed PFP projects in the NFT ecosystem. Featuring a collection of pixel-art wizard NFTs complete with rich lore and an expansive universe, Forgotten Runes has stood the test of time, maintaining relevance despite numerous ups and downs.

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If you spend some time exploring TikTok as a user, you’ll find that cartoon TikTok profile pics are quite popular. Users will find a cartoon character that they relate to or enjoy and will use an image of that character as their profile pic. You might be able to apply this same concept to your business account, or you could add a twist.

For example, some services have file restrictions and may only allow GIF or JPEG images, while others may also allow PNG files. Furthermore, the file size and dimensions of the image may have special requirements so they display correctly. The profile photos made with Picofme.io can be an excellent fit as a profile photo for your social media, messenger, or CV. Another automatic and free tool to work on profiles for TikTok is PhotoScissors. Here, as with the rest of the tools, you won’t need to venture beyond the homepage to get started. There are some basic limitations in place on the tool, including a maximum image size of 10 Mb.

Profiles with a profile photo receive 14 times more views than those without a profile photo. Moreover, with a professional profile photo you are 36 times more likely to receive a message. Promo’s content team is fueled by the motivation to help you to transform your words and ideas into powerful videos that help you communicate better with your audience and grow your reach. Psychedelics Anonymous has taken an exciting and innovative approach to community-building.

Promo.com is the #1 video creation platform for businesses and agencies. We help our users create loads of visual content and unlimited videos to promote anything they want effectively. The image you load to TikTok needs to be at least 20 x 20 pixels in order to be eligible to serve as your PFP. If your TikTok image size is too small and you can’t get it to load, you’ll need a larger image. First, you could use image editing software, which will allow you to enlarge it, but the quality may be degraded.

For instance, the creators made it impossible to trade fractions of the tokens. CryptoPunks and similar projects have since helped pave the way for a standardized NFT token called ERC-721, suited to the functions that make NFTs different from other crypto tokens. Below are other pages with information about adding and changing your profile picture.

Once you’re satisfied with your profile photo, click “Download” to save your profile picture in high-resolution JPG, PNG or PDF format, or share it directly on social media in one click. The benefits of these types of NFTs boil down to numerous advantages. The digital assets showcase valuable content viewable on social sites while creating a bonding community with similar owners.


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