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In fact, the color, brand, appearance, and feel of a product influence 93% of the purchasing decision. Next comes a texture that influences 6% of the purchasing decision and a sound and smell that influences 1% of the purchasing decision. By the time a consumer starts walking on an item that has their favorite color, most purchasing decisions have already been made. When the four parameters of color, design/texture and fragrance are combined, the purchasing decision becomes powerful.

You and your end-customer will receive 3 chances before the package is marked as RTO. Attempts are made irrespective of whether a seller participates in this process or not but added information from seller helps expedite this process. Let us consider an omni channel support consisting of WhatsApp and phone support. A few seconds later, her phone buzzes and a WhatsApp message states why her delivery is delayed and expected time of arrival. Half an hour later, the customer realizes she needs to step out and won’t be available to receive the package. The agent who answers is not the same as the agent who answered the WhatsApp text, yet he knows about the customer’s delayed delivery because the details show up on his screen while they speak.

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The non-essential segment will be hit as it will take time for both demand and supply to come on track for these products. This is especially relevant in the logistics industry as a large part of this industry is highly unorganized. FMCG and organized retail players continued operating deliveries of essential products, with organized retail players, pivoting to direct-to-consumer deliveries as in-store purchases came to a halt. The 3PL logistics industry suffered huge setbacks with demand drying up, e-commerce deliveries being shut and inter-state movement restrictions.

  • The e-commerce retail logistics market is valued at USD1.35 billion in 2018, and is projected to witness a growth of ~36 per cent in the coming five years.
  • From real estate chatbots to healthcare bots, these apps are getting implemented in a variety of industries.
  • The ability to provide 24/7 support and handle a large volume of queries without human intervention makes Chatbots a popular solution for businesses looking to improve their customer service capabilities.
  • We can all agree that images help set the tone for the user’s visual experience with your business.

The increased focus on hyperlocal marketing can partly be attributed to the explosion of growth in mobile adoption. It is critical for your website and related content to be optimized for mobile browsers and tablets. The festive season commences post monsoon and in a short span of 4 months creates a pressure situation for the retailers. It is not just the festivals, but the variety of festivals that are characterised by the choices that consumers want to have. There is no one particular product preference but a combination of products both as regular consumption and a gift factor that add to the complexity. The main objective is here to understand digital initiatives followed by the key organizations, the benefits they are deriving, and the ways in which they are transforming their supply chains.

While Chat Bots are still an evolving technology, they offer a wide array of ways that can enable personalized communication with customers and help retailers provide better buying experience. In conclusion, Chat GPT Stock, powered by GPT-3 and GPT-4 technology, presents a promising investment opportunity in the evolving landscape of AI chatbots. As the AI industry continues to grow, investors can explore alternative ways to participate in this exciting space and capitalize on the potential offered by Chat GPT and related AI stocks. Remember, a strategic approach and thorough research are vital to make informed investment decisions in this dynamic and transformative sector. Chatbots, with the use of advanced techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning, interact and communicate with online visitors of a brand website. These chatbots understand basic language and communication and respond with multiple suggestions.

The efficiency and speed of logistics service is another key factor, especially in a time when speed delivery has become the norm when shopping online. To satisfy this need for instant gratification, go for a partner with the capability to offer same-day, one-day, and 48-hour delivery options, your customers will thank you for it. A large and growing e-commerce business is likely to have customers from all across India. In order to ensure their deliveries are fulfilled in an efficient and timely manner, it’s vital that the logistics partner you choose have a network that’s just as widespread.

With continuous automation and evolving consumer behavior, the growth of this segment is expected to continue enjoying an upward trajectory. Typical brick and mortar stores are still needed, because theircustomer’s desire the touch, feel, look and smell of merchandise. To retain their business, the merchant should offer a compelling in-store and online experience that provides value and convenience, so that the customers do not go elsewhere. Additionally, companies are using natural language processing tools to make machines that interact with customers and help with buying decisions and other product/service related information.


With emerging technology, keeping a track of trends and consumer behaviour is easier than ever before using artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the overall consumer experience. Brands are using AI to automate tasks, target ads, and profile customers in order to personalise their experience and achieve a more micro-targeted marketing blueprint, while developing tailor-made products. There is a work from home model being adopted by most companies mid and high level management.

According to the global firm emarkter, a survey found out that 48 per cent of the respondents needed better store execution and management, while 39 per cent complained about in-store experiences. As the retail landscape grows complex, Chat Bots are offered a prime opportunity to improve both customer experience and giving retailers a fighting chance. Further, “By equipping Disha, we were able to cut down customer support costs and improve the response time to complete the quote creation and application process from a 24 hr -72-hr window down to just 5-15 minutes. The fast self-serving capabilities of Disha have contributed immensely to enhance overall customer experience,” says Majumdar.

Businesses today operate in a volatile and multi-SKU environment, handling large numbers of orders to be shipped every day. Increased volumes, cost pressures, and the need to run leaner processes make inventory management in supply chain much more complex than before. India’s current economic scenario is also favourable for the growth of private labels and contract manufacturing. The electronics manufacturing industry is expected to be valued at a whopping $400 billion by 2025, which exudes optimism for corporate labs, domestic manufactures, and start-ups. The budget for FY 2020 has proposed a few changes in basic custom duties to push the domestic manufacturing and assembling of mobile handsets; this might encourage retailers like Reliance and TATA to introduce their line of smart phones products. There have been instances reported on assignment of GS1 barcode numbers (which are used in barcodes printed on product packaging) illegally & in an unauthorized manner by unscrupulous barcode number sellers.


There are various shops that work on a credit-based system with their customers and suppliers. Systematic financial support can be provided to these shops to overcome any mounting debts. This leads to reduced turnaround time for the customer by optimising first-mile operations, locations of warehouses/distribution centres, reducing sorting times at fulfilment centres and last mile distribution centres. The customer experience is further improved by predicts time windows of delivery, and Electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) which reduces friction in the last mile delivery and leads to the digitisation of the processes.

Heavy on technology, these firms have a clear focus on millennials who are comfortable with digital platforms, have high disposable incomes and are looking to the stock market to make quick profits or long-term gains. What’s more, data analytics is being used to identify an investor’s interests from multiple touch points such as the firm’s mobile app or the customer’s browsing pattern to come up with customised and predictive content. It is now possible to get insights into investors’ future trading behaviour as well. Many machine learning algorithms and feature creation methodologies are used in high-frequency trading. It entails training the models to recognize features that indicate an impending increase or decrease in bid and market pricing. Machine learning algorithms are extremely useful in optimizing human decision-making processes because they greatly manipulate data and forecast the future market picture.

As a pioneer in Conversational AI, Master of Code is a proud partner for numerous innovating and forward-thinking financial services providers. Well, we are yet to reach that stage, but the way technology is evolving, the day may not be far when the role of stock market “experts” is largely taken over by artificial intelligence. “Our recently launched TX3 platform provides speedy trading and analytical solutions, analytical data and advanced charting.


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