A Polish Travel and leisure Guide

Poland is becoming one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations in recent years, driven by their UNESCO Environment Heritage Site, Krakow. Although its traditional gems and gorgeous castle/cathedral complexes are usually attracting locations, this Central Western european country has so much more to offer the bold traveller also.

Poland’s a place to explore all seasons, from watching the world turn green in planting season to sipping mulled wine on a snow-capped pile leading in winter. It is very also residence to some of the extremely dramatic scenery in The european union, a vast area of wetlands and jungles.


Krakow’s Old Area, a UNESCO World History Site, houses an abundance of Renaissance, Baroque and Medieval architecture, with centuries-old streets and church buildings bursting with history and colour. This town also boasts a vibrant music scene, lots of quirky restaurants serving up pierogis and a range of museums that celebrate the country’s past and present.

Gdansk, a wonderful coastal city that was rebuilt after WWII, is yet another must-see on any Poland itinerary. There are a lot of lovely outdated buildings in this seaside city, when using the iconic Basilica of Saint Mary for the Assumption https://www.cabrini.edu/blog/2017-18/5-tips-to-a-successful-relationship being one of the most impressive.

Lublin, eastern Poland’s primary city, is mostly a must-visit, especially for its old castle and the sobering State Museum that illuminates the atrocities of World War II. The metropolis is also a well known destination for its classic, inexpensive delicacies and beautiful, relaxing streets.

Other features include the spectacular Bialowieza Forest, a UNESCO Community Heritage Site and Biosphere Preserve that’s house to the last remnants of polish women a primeval forest. The Masurian Lake Location, a series of picturesque lakes dotted throughout the area, is another great spot to visit.


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