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Listed below we have included some answers on key information, and the things they will probably need to bear in mind. The team will take details, listen to you and offer general advice. We always follow up on concerns, check on student’s welfare and provide any support that is needed. In most cases we will also gently nudge your student to respond to you. Ask for help so you don’t feel as if you are running a boarding house and he is a guest.

We recognise that parents, guardians, carers and relatives can all play a vital role in choosing and applying for university. To support families during this process, whether you have some or no experience of higher education, we’ve gathered the key information that you will need to help guide a young person through the application journey. Next, your family member will need to decide where they want to live while studying their course. Some students choose to move away to attend university, meaning they need to seek out some new accommodation.

  • We’ve drawn together useful tips from current first generation students at York, as well as links to information you might find useful.
  • Your son or daughter will start to plan their university application and there are various considerations that need to be made.
  • Wait for offers and A Level results – Depending on the subject, your child might have to attend interviews or take exams before any offers are made.
  • This keeps the application process straightforward and centralised, with everything from the personal statement to university offers stored on the student’s UCAS portal.
  • Getting hands-on experience in the world of work through an internship or placement will stand them in good stead when they go for job interviews, and can provide a good foot in the door of competitive industries.

The first hurdle on the journey to university is the application process. It’s relatively straightforward, but there are some key deadlines to keep an eye on. We’ll reveal exactly how much that might be for you in this guide, as we pull back the curtain on university life and Student Finance… See our video guide to fees, funding options and how to use the UCAS application system.

Don’t rearrange your social life or give up the things you love to be available for your grown child or to be sure you are home to feed him. He or she survived on his own for during those months or years without your doting or supervision. As Lincoln is a small city, your child will find everything they need within a short walk from the campus, so a car is not necessary. The University of St Andrews is one of the most international universities in the UK.

In London, there is the 18+ student oyster photocard which also awards students 30% off their travel costs. Choice – there is lots of choice of accommodation including same-sex halls, catered halls or quiet halls. This will differ from university to university though, and your family members preferred option may not be available at their first choice university. Making friends – students are able to meet lots of other students studying at the university and form friendships. Chances are, someone in their block will be on the same course.

Tracking your application

If your child is unable to pay by one of the instalment options offered then they should It is University policy not to send out invoices to students for payment of tuition and accommodation as all the fee information is published on our webpages. Tuition fees are published on course pages and accommodation fees can be found on theaccommodation fee page.

  • Read our advice for parents of university students, from how to prepare for them leaving to coping with an empty nest.
  • Both are undergraduate degree programmes and are used internationally.
  • This quick Student Finance 101 will tell you everything you need to know, including how much money your child is likely to receive at uni and how much you might need to contribute.
  • The links below hold a wealth of information and things to think about.
  • Therefore it is worthwhile for you to read the terms and conditions of the lease before your child signs it.

Students who wish to return to University accommodation are able to apply to do so in February of the year of entry. As an offer is not guaranteed, students are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with the process of renting privately in St Andrews. Once your child has accepted an offer for University accommodation you will both need to work out a payment method with the University.

Levels Explained

Developmentally, university represents an important transition between childhood and adulthood with young people expected, and expecting, to take far more responsibility for all aspects of their lives. The University of Oxford offers a strong support network which includes tutors, college welfare teams, peer supporters, chaplains, college nurses, doctors and the Counselling Service. Want to read some top tips from parents who have gone through sending their child to university?

This enables our families to be part of the St Andrews community, keeps them up to date with developments at the University and provides ways they can contribute to and share in its achievements. CEEDprovides a comprehensive range of opportunities to support personal, professional and academic development for all staff and students. The Centre for Global Programmes provide the opportunity to visit and study at an international university for two weeks during summer. They offer some bursaries for Study Centres to ensure accessibility to all.

Search the Oxford students’ site

This can help you and employers to see how different qualifications compare and how one type can lead on to another. The levels are based on the standards of knowledge, skill and competence needed for each qualification. Qualifications at the same level can be very different in terms of content and the length of time they take to complete. Increasing numbers of school leavers studying Higher Education are opting to stay at home due to cost. Comprehensive information on what students should prepare before they depart and what to do once they arrive can be found on theOrientation section of the website. We cannot supply the student’s address, contact details or financial details.

  • The annual fees for Higher Education courses Level 4-6 are substantially lower than the cost of going to university in the UK.
  • This can help you and employers to see how different qualifications compare and how one type can lead on to another.
  • Sulets are the only trusted accommodation and student lettings agency recommended by both Students’ Unions and Universities in Leicester.
  • Pushing their boundaries will give them an opportunity to make friends they’ll keep for life, discover passions and make memories that will contribute to that old cliché “University is the best time of your life”.

After the basic cooking skills and a quick laundry tutorial, some smart financial decisions guidance is one of the most important things university parents can teach their children as they become increasingly independent. One common mistake made by university students is signing a rental agreement with housemates only to have them fail to pay their share, especially on Joint and Several Agreements. As a parent and possible rent guarantor, you may find yourself taking on massive debt along with your child. To avoid this, I recommend checking out a service like Only My Share that protects you both from a future financial disaster. Simple tips for your child such as brushing up on their cooking skills, getting to grips with student budgeting or how to deal with housemate problems will be essential to their university experience. With the first one in mind, it is no surprise that many universities have taken steps to help student parents finish their education.

Advice for parents

Make sure you can help them make the right decision by being aware of the different options they have for university accommodation. With the smorgasbord of social events put on for Freshers, especially during their first term, its often far to easy for students to focus on play rather than academic work. This is exacerbated by the fact that many first year courses only require 40% to pass, and don’t contribute to degree grades. It’s easy for students to think that they would get the most benefit from spending all their time socialising and working almost-solid 72 hour shifts to get essays in on time. And they don’t need to worry about scoring solid 50s because it’ll still put them way above 40%. Bills – It’s likely that bills will be included with rent in halls, but in private housing, the chances are it’ll be up to the tenants to sort it out.

advice for parents of college students

Depending on your child’s circumstances and their course, a range of financial support is available. The main types of financial eco sober house boston support are tuition fee and maintenance loans. You can find out more about financial assistance and course fees here.

If your student encounters financial difficulties whilst at University they can contact Student Money Advice for advice and guidance about this. Make sure you are familiar with the range of services the University offers for your student, so you can signpost and encourage them. If you are a parent of a University student or one who is about the start, there is information here about how to support eco sober house boston them and find advice. The annual fees for Higher Education courses Level 4-6 are substantially lower than the cost of going to university in the UK. For example, the fees for our full-time foundation degree/HND is £2,765 per year and our BSc in Social Work is £4,395 per year. No high accommodation fees and our campuses in Belfast are easily accessible, so reduces living and travel costs.

The coronavirus pandemic made for a different university experience. Understand what it’s like when your child goes to university, how best to help them, and… This is the new world order where, on the whole, the young don’t have the means for full independence. You’ll almost certainly both be wrong, and there’ll be another process of readjustment to go through. A new student is embarking on an exciting adventure that’ll lead to new experiences and new possibilities.

At AECC University College we take pride in giving your child the best experiences, and equipping them to achieve success and reach their potential both in their academic and personal development. As a small, specialist institution we’re very fortunate that we can get to know our students, and they can get to know us too. Compared to many other higher education institutions, your child won’t just be a face in the crowd. We offer continuous professional development and other postgraduate certificates.


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